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HTTP error 500 Facebook is a generic HTTP status code. This prevents the web server from returning to the requested page. HTTP 500 Error or Internal Server Error means the problem is with the browser. HTTP error 500 makes the web server to generate an internal error log and provide details of reason of the error. These logs help the users to identify the cause of the HTTP Error 500 Facebook and fix it.

How is 500 Error reported?

You may find 500 Error in various forms as:

  • HTTP Error 500
  • 500 Internal server error
  • Error 500
  • HTTP Error 500 – Internal Server Error
  • HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • That’s an error
  • Internal Server Error

How to solve HTTP error 500 Facebook

Below are some easy troubleshooting tips to solve HTTPS error 500 Facebook:

  • Check the permissions for file and folder. If the permissions on your files are incorrect, they create error HTTP error 500. They should be set to 755.
  • Check .htaccess file. If .htaccess files contain incorrect syntax, it will result into HTTP error 500. If you identify this to be the cause of this error, rename the file and try to load the page once again. If the issue is still there, follow the next fix.
  • If you are using scripting or coding language to maintain the site, then the error with the syntax language may cause http error 500 Facebook. See if the page has been modified then check the syntax.
  • Check the web server error logs. The owner of the website can easily do this. The file is normally known as error.log.
  • Contact your ISP/hosting provider for log details if you cannot access the web server’s logs. Many times, web servers provide access to tools using their Control Panels to help the logs to get interrogated. It is possible that ISP/Hosting provider is causing the HTTP error 500 Facebook.
  • Contact your CMS provider. They keep some help pages on their website and support forums.

HTTP cycle of Http error 500 Facebook

To communicate with the web server, client goes through a cycle which is as follows:

  • An IP address is obtained from the IP name of the site. This is the site URL without http:// The conversion of IP name to IP address is done by domain name servers.
  • An IP socket connection is opened corresponding to that IP address.
  • Then the HTTP data stream is written via that socket.
  • An HTTP data steam back is received from the web browser in response to the above process. It contains the status codes. The value of these status codes is calculated using HTTP protocol.
  • The final result is the error received by client that is commonly known as HTTP error 500 Facebook.

The http error 500 Facebook is not permanent. You can fix it by simply pressing refresh on the browser and re-load the page. Try to use Facebook after sometime to see the error is still there or has been resolved.

Clear your cache and see if it works. Cleaning cached files resolves many issues. If still you face any issue, you can take the help of customer support team.

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