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Using Google drive, you can share your work online as well as access your stored documents whenever you want. When you have your data saved in Google drive, it becomes easier for you to manage documents and other things. But you shouldn’t rely on anything completely, Google drive also face some issue such as http error 403 Google Drive. When you face http error 403 Google Drive, you are not able to download some files from it.

Methods  to fix http error 403 Google Drive

Below we have discussed some effective fixes to solve http error 403 Google Drive. Let’s look them one by one:

Clear browser’s cache

This is the first fix you should try to solve any kind of error. This is applicable to http error 403 Google Drive also. So clear your browser’s cache first using these steps:

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users:

  • Press Shift+ Ctrl+ Delete keys simultaneously from your keyboard to open Clear browsing data menu.
  • From the time range, select “all time”
  • Delete “Cookies”, “cached images and files” from there to clean the browser.
  • Select “Clear data” option.

Microsoft edge users:

  • Open Edge.
  • Press Ctrl+ Shift+ delete from your keyboard.
  • Check all the boxes there.
  • Click on clear option.

Sign out and sign in again

Signing out and then signing in again is also an effective remedy for http error 403 Google Drive. Follow these steps for any browser you are using;

  1. Go to your browser and open
  2. Click on your profile picture and choose the option to sign out.
  3. Restart your browser.
  4. Sign in again using your details.
  5. Check if http error 403 Google Drive is solved or not. If not follow the next fix.

Temporarily disable browser extension

A rogue extension may cause various issues to a browser including http error 403 Google Drive. An ad-blocker or a third-party theme may be a culprit. So disable the browser extensions temporarily. If you find that the error is fixed after doing this. Then enable them one by one to point out which one is causing the issue http error 403 Google Drive.

Use a shareable link to access your file

If the above fixes have not solved http error 403 Google Drive for you, then try to use a shareable link. Anyone can download a private file using a shareable link as it copies to clipboard automatically.

How to get your files using a shareable link

  • Go to your browser and open Google drive.
  • Select the file you want to download and right click on it. Select “Get shareable link” from the menu.
  • Go to address bar of your browser. Click and paste the text selected in above step.
  • Tap Enter
  • Now download the file.

The above methods are enough to fix the issue http error 403 Google Drive. For further assistance you can take the help of technical assistant from customer support team. They are available 24*7 and are always ready to help the customers.

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