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Avast is a free antivirus that protects billions of users worldwide. Many of us are unaware that Avast has a password manager also that is entirely free for everyone. Avast Passwords, software is available as a standalone program for computers as well as an integrated feature of every Avast Antivirus. When we talk about passwords and security, a concern about missing or forgetting passwords comes out. Avast forgot password is also a common issue. In this blog, we will discuss about recovering Avast forgot password.

Using Avast Passwords, you can protect all of your credentials in a secure desktop vault. Its contents can be synced across multiple platforms easily. Like other Avast products, Avast Passwords provides outstanding security to its customers whether they are free or paying. It has many useful features such as multiple master passwords. You can use its intelligent Password Guard evaluator feature or the one touch login feature that turns mobiles into security keys.

Features of password manager

Password manager is available in two versions i.e. a standalone program for Mac and a Windows version. Windows version is available as part of a built-in feature for Avast Antivirus. Both versions are identical with some minor differences. There is a built-in password generator in the Mac version. It has an ability to automatically lock itself from use more frequently. Windows version has a capability of exporting the vault’s content in a compatible format with Chrome and Firefox.

Password manager program handles only website logins, credit card data and secure notes that are listed alphabetically. In addition to that, Avast Passwords provides no options to share passwords with third party users and is also incapable of automatically logging you into websites that are stored within the program’s vault.

Neglecting these limitations, Avast Passwords perfectly serves its purpose. All the entries into the vault have colorful icons and provide better orientation within the software. This feature is useful when the icons change into the company logos of bigger websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The software also has a search bar which assists you in searching.

You can easily edit credentials and sensitive information such as credit card numbers and the CVC/CVV. They will be censored before editing and the passwords get automatically evaluated by the software.

There is an extra feature of Avast Passwords also that comes in handy. Password Guardian is a more advanced version of the password evaluator that is also capable of listing duplicate passwords. It also warns you of any compromised websites.

Apps and Browser Extensions

Avast Passwords’ browser extension provides five functions: opening the vault, auto-filling credentials, prompting users to save new passwords, generating strong passwords, and locking the vault. Fetching passwords saved to a browser’s password manager is one of the most important features.

Setup processor

While installation, Windows users must download and install Avast Antivirus that includes Avast Passwords as one of its in-built. If Avast’s antivirus is already installed on the PC, then downloading or activating anything else is not required. Mac users need to download a separate client for Avast Passwords and the installation is quick.

When the program is running, you need to create a master password. Its strength is evaluated immediately. It doesn’t have to be the same on every device on which the software is installed on. You have the option to use multiple master passwords or stick to just the same across each platform. Hence Avast forgot password issue will not disturb everything at a time. Once you create the master password, you can use Avast’s password manager immediately and fill the credentials, by adding them to the vault directly or by fetching them from browsers using extensions. These extensions have to be installed manually.

In order to take the advantage of Avast Password at its fullest, it is advised to create an Avast account as well.  Creating an Avast account is the only way to manually sync the vaults of all connected devices that you are protecting by this password manager.

Avast Passwords use AES-256 encryption and the credentials are always encrypted locally on the device.

For more queries on Avast forgot password, you can talk to customer support on their toll-free number.

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